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About Highway 9 Auto Sales - Visit us at usnine.com

Highway 9 Auto Sales is a debt free business. We are able to offer the very best prices because we have no loans, and we do not pay interest or have the type of financial burden that other dealers have. While most dealers have to charge an EXTRA $500 - $1000 PER VEHICLE just to pay interest and other extra expenses, we do not have that burden, and we don't pass it to you! When we recently put up our new detail center/office, we paid cash. We offer vehicles in the price ranges we do because we believe that it is a help to people to have a nice car, yet not be in debt forever or have a huge monthly payment.

By keeping our overhead low, we are able to offer far above average vehicles at far below average prices on vehicles that look great and get you to where you want to go, without having to stress about breakdowns or high payments!!

Also, did you know..... Highway 9 Auto Sales is also oneBay. We have been selling vehicles on eBay since 1999. Our feedback rating is 100% (trust me, it takes UNBELIEVABLE effort to achieve this from a customer service level), and this includes over 80 vehicle sales worldwide to customers who have never even touched the car. (Yes, we shipped a Cadillac to Sweden, and a Toyota pickup to Haiti!).

Our ebay ID is mc1011. Check it out!! It's just another reason to give us a chance to provide you with a quality vehicle at a great price.